Cell-cultured Meat Regulation

The regulatory landscape is one of the biggest factors for bringing cell-cultured meat technology to market. Join us as we discuss the path towards safe and regulated cell-cultured meat, fish, and poultry in the United States and the rest of the world.


Automation in research and the experimental design process can help us move faster and bring cell-based meats to market as soon as possible.


Startup companies working with cultivated meat technology are preparing to scale up and plan for a future where billions are fed with this new and novel technology.

Outer Space

It has never been more important to think about the food we eat on Earth, in space, and in a multi-planetary world.

Cell-culture for the Seafood Industry

Experts in the field of cellular agriculture for the seafood industry discuss the future of cell-cultured (cultivated) seafood. Larissa Zimberoff, Journalist (Moderator); Pallevi Srivastva, Ph.D, Wild Type; Mariliis Holm, Finless Foods; Chuck Anderson, Seafood Analytics; Lauran Madden, Ph.D., BlueNalu This panel took place on November 15, 2019 at the Cultured Meat Symposium in San Francisco, California.

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Cell-cultured meat technology has come along way over the last three years. The Cultured Meat Symposium has been documenting this epic shift in food technology.

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